Integration Designer Assistant (IDAssist)

In order to be effective in the current competitive global market, organizations need to be agile and flexible. A key strategy that organizations adopt towards this goal is integration of various disparate legacy systems. Integration of disparate and heterogeneous enterprise systems is a strategic issue as well as a daunting task. In order to develop complete integration solution, designers have to develop business processes that reflect requirements of the integrated systems, utilize appropriate design knowledge (such as Enterprise Integration Patterns ) for integrating disparate systems and convert integration patterns into implementable solutions such as web service specifications.

Typical large-scale enterprise integration involves integration of large number of systems with wide variety of functionalities, therefore, it contains large number of integration requirements. Thus, designing integration solutions is a complex activity. To alleviate this complexity, designers require adequate design support for selecting appropriate design knowledge for each integration requirement and convert these design knowledge into web service solutions.

The objective of this research is to develop a software artifact, called as, Integration Designer Assistant (IDAssist), which assist designers with accessing and selecting appropriate enterprise integration patterns as integration solutions and convert them into appropriate web service specifications.

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