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Florida Data Science for Social Good (FL-DSSG)

Dr. Dan Richard, Associate Professor in Psychology, and Dr. Karthikeyan Umapathy, Associate Professor in Computing formed the Florida Data Science for Social Good (FL-DSSG) in August 2016. The mission of the FL-DSSG is to promote data-informed approaches among nonprofit and public sector organizations in Florida to solve social problems. We acheive this mission by working on data science projects in collaboration with organizations that serve a public good; and by creating transformational educational opporunities for aspiring data scientists to work on data science project with social impact.

The Data Science for Social Good (DSSG) concept was pioneered by the University of Chicago, as a collaboration between the Department of Computer Science and Harris School of Public Policy. FL-DSSG is modeled after the DSSG at Chicago program while functioning independently. Similar to the DSSG at Chicago, we partner with non-profit and governmental agencies, analyze their data, and find impactful solutions to social issues. The Chicago program has global focus, however, the FL-DSSG partners with organizations addressing social issues in the State of Florida.

The FL-DSSG program provides internships for students from diverse disciplines to work on data science projects along with our community partners. The FL-DSSG partners with organizations that have wicked social problems and looking for data-driven approaches for solving them. Partnering non-profit and government agencies will receive data analysis and data visualization reports. Students are placed on multi-disciplinary teams and matched with academic subject matter experts and professional data scientist mentors to address real-world problems for our clients. FL-DSSG program is designed to train and strengthen data scientist workforce pipeline. Students will receive valuable experience with data management, analysis, technology design, and community needs as to prepare them for the workforce in STEM related fields.

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Project Funding


AgileThought provided sponsorship of $2,000 for organizing 2018 FL-DSSG Big Reveal Event. 2018 Big Reveal Event was hosted at the WJCT Studios on August 22, 2018.

AgileThought Website

University of North Florida (UNF) provided funding of $17,000 for 2018 FL-DSSG Summer Internship program. Funding support was provided by the College of Computing, Engineering, and Construction Management (CCEC), and College of Arts and Sciences (COAS).

UNF CCEC Website UNF COAS Website

Nonprofit Center for Northeast Florida provided seed funding of $20,000 for establishing FL-DSSG Summer Internship program. Funding supported 2017 and 2018 DSSG intern stipend as well as 2017 Big Reveal Event which was hosted at the Nonprofit Center.

Nonprofit Center Website JAX Chamber News Article

Summer Internship

2018 FL-DSSG Summer Internship
program supported eight interns to work on wicked problems from Baptist Health, Family Support Services, Girls Inc. of Jacksonville, and The Performers Academy.

2018 Program Page 2018 Big Reveal Event Pictures 2018 Big Reveal YouTube video 2018 Big Reveal Slides
2017 FL-DSSG Summer Internship
program supported five interns to work on wicked problems from Mayo Clinic, Changing Homelessness, and Yoga 4 Change.

2017 Program Page 2017 FL-DSSG Annual Report 2017 Big Reveal Event Pictures 2017 Big Reveal YouTube video 2017 Big Reveal Slides